What to consider this year for the return to school?

So far little is known about the ability of children to transmit to other children or to adults. Over the months, it has become clear that younger children are less likely to be infected and that from the age of 10 onwards, the capacity for transmission is more similar to that of adults.

In any case, educators and professionals in the field of education agree that face-to-face education is a key aspect for the cognitive development of children, beyond formal education. Not being isolated and playing and interacting with other children while learning is beneficial and of great importance.

For this reason, the Autonomous Communities have developed plans and protocols that will allow children to return to the classroom, which also depend on the epidemiological situation at any given time.

It is fundamental that from home we educate our children with the basic customs that we acquire in this new normality, to ensure that contagion is kept to a minimum, such as maintaining a social distance of 1.5 m, in case the distance cannot be ensured, wearing a mask and always having clean hands.

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