Mustela donates 4,500 units of daily hygiene products to those who need them most

Mustela, from Laboratoires Expanscience, the leading brand in baby and child skin care in pharmacies, in the face of unprecedented health alerts, wanted to provide its daily hygiene products to help health workers, who are doing an unattainable job, and also for families with few resources who are facing even greater difficulties in this situation.

Taking care of the skin of children has been Mustela's raison d'être for 70 years. This is why the company wanted to join in the solidarity initiatives by making a donation of 4,500 units of daily hygiene products, bath gels and wipes, to those who need them most. The objective is to contribute to the fact that a simple gesture of hygiene, such as washing your hands, can be done with soft products adapted to the most fragile skins.

This contribution will go to the Hospital Niño Jesús (Madrid), the Hospital de la Maternitat-Clínic (Barcelona), the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu (Barcelona), the Hospital Parc Taulí (Sabadell), the Hospital Miguel Servet (Zaragoza), the Hospital HM de Nens (Barcelona), Viamed Montecanal Hospital (Zaragoza), Viamed Santa Ángela de la Cruz Hospital (Seville), Quirón Sagrado Corazón Hospital (Seville), Vithas Hospital (Málaga), Virgen del Mar Vithas Hospital (Almería), Cáritas y a Acompartir.