The Gardens of Life project, dedicated to those affected by the coronavirus, is born

The gardens will have 'time capsule' plants that contain voice messages recorded on them. Stories that will tell the experiences of society during this crisis, told by the voices that want to participate in citizenship. By touching the plants, these stories will be heard through audio transmission from the plant itself.

The technology behind this project was introduced by Bioo in 2019, when they converted the plants into biological switches capable of activating music, sound and lights among other functions. When plants come into contact with different objects they produce a signal that can perform different functions through a system that can perceive frequency changes.
The Gardens of Life is a project that will be created by and for the community. In order to successfully launch this initiative, Bioo will start a social crowdfunding on Thursday, April 16 on the GoFundMe platform so that everyone who wishes to can participate in the funding of the project. With this support, the project will be installed in hospitals and residences throughout the country with the aim of uniting Spaniards against this global virus and benefit the planet with this green initiative.

In parallel, the company will launch a campaign through social networks using the hashtags #WhenEverythingHappens and #TellMyHistory to collect the messages of the experiences and aspirations of those who have lived, and still live, the effects of the coronavirus, emphasizing in the near future when life returns to normal. The campaign hopes to collect videos and audios, not only from frontline doctors and patients who have survived the virus, but also from members of society who want to express their experiences and emotions in the face of this situation.

The videos can be shared through social networks using one of the hashtags mentioned above or through the official campaign website In this way, Bioo invites all the population to participate in this symbol of union, solidarity and optimism, donating through the crowdfunding platform; sharing the initiative; sending messages of experiences or doing both.