Cloth masks, do they protect us from the virus?

The masks are essential to prevent the spread of coronavirusbut not all confer the same levels of protection.

Today, the fabric mask has become the most environmentally friendly option. However, we cannot lose sight of the real reasons for using a mask. The main way in which the coronavirus spreads is from person to person through respiratory droplets produced when the infected person speaks, sneezes or coughs. Facemasks can block these droplets by acting as a barrier between healthy people and infected people. The fabric face shield is highly effective, although we return to the initial question, are all fabric models?

Faced with a global pandemic we have the obligation and need to cover our faces with a mask, we have been in the new normal for several months and a way to feel more comfortable with this is to continue feeling unique, and a way to identify ourselves may be using masks that are more oriented to fashion and the particular style of each.

We have learned a lot during this time about masks, about the different types, their manufacture and in which case to use each one, but what should we know about cloth masks?

They are the best option to be protected and also to take care of the environment, since they generate much less pollutant waste than disposable masks. By choosing cloth masks we are taking care of the planet, being respectful with our environment and also they are much better for our skin because they use a natural fabric, softer and that allows breathing. However, not just any kind of mask made from cotton fabric protects us, no matter how beautiful and fun they may be with their prints or appliqués.

Faced with the need to regulate the masks that are really effective, the government distributed the 'Specification UNE 0065:2020, Reusable hygienic masks for adults and children. Requirements of materials, design, confection, marking and use'. This is a guide with the basic aspects that the mask must comply with to adequately perform its function. One of the most important aspects is filtration, bacterial filtration efficiency must be equal to or greater than 90%, and breathability must be less than 60 Pa/CM2.

We invite you to do the water spray test, if your fabric mask absorbs water and gets wet, it means that it is not effective against the virus, on the contrary, if the outer fabric rejects these drops and does not allow them to filter the fabric it means that you are correctly protecting yourself and others.

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Beyond design and fashion, we cannot lose sight of the fact that the main reason for wearing a mask is that it reduces the infection curve. From Kelvin&Celsius we give you the best option of protection, respecting the environment and also taking care of the aesthetics, because with our Protect Masks in white or black color you will always be in harmony with your attire and style, and above all, helping to stop the spread of the virus.

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