How can we continue to protect ourselves in the office?

Surely your workspace is adapted to the new situation, however, let's take personal action and continue to protect each other.

Social distance.

People are more likely to be infected when they talk when they are at least 1.5 metres away, so always remember to keep a social distance of at least 2 metres. Distance is essential to take care of each other and to keep the office free of infection.

Always carry your mask with you.

Masks have two basic functions: to protect others from potential contamination of our saliva and to protect our nose and mouth from potential contamination from other people's saliva.

When you're walking around your office or talking to your colleagues, don't forget to keep your mask on.

Wash your hands.

Transmission of the virus can also be through indirect contact, by touching a surface or object that has previously been touched by another. This can be furniture and items such as doorknobs, elevators, and many others. This is why frequent hand washing is another important measure and always carry the Hydroalcoholic Gel with you to use whenever you share common surfaces. You can also use the Hand Sanitizing Wipes, which are very practical to carry with you at all times.